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5 Things You Can Do to Prevent Silverfish

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Silverfish are one of the most dreaded of all insect pests. They breed quickly, destroy property, and can be found almost everywhere. To top it off, they’re incredibly gross!

Once a silverfish infestation starts, it can be incredibly difficult to stamp out. Extermination often involves a lengthy and costly battle against the bugs. Instead of having to fight off a nest of silverfish, you’re much better off preventing the problem altogether. Here’s how:


Prevent Moisture Accumulation

This is probably the most important step in silverfish prevention. Though a stray insect might come wandering in regardless, a large group of silverfish absolutely needs a consistent water source to survive. Water accumulation can be caused by a variety of sources. Here’s just a few of the more common ones:
  • Leaky plumbing
  • Holes in the walls and ceiling that let in rainwater
  • A dripping hose near the outside of your home 
  • Appliances like clothes and dish washers that leak

Clean Up and Prevent Mold and Mildew

Once you’ve stopped any wayward water flows, it’s time to clean up any mold or mildew it may have been causing. Silverfish love digging into damp, moldy wood or paper or a soggy, mildewwy wall. Remove anything that got wet, and anything that’s covered in a fungal film. If you have a naturally damp basement, garage, or other room, consider getting a dehumidifier to remove and collect moisture.

Pesticide Prevention

Some pesticide sprays will provide long-term silverfish protections, too. It’s usually best to ask a professional exterminator about this option. Proper pesticide use will get rid of other pests like cockroaches as well.

Clear the Area Around Your Home

Silverfish like dark, cool, sheltered areas. Overgrown brush, log piles, and clutter near your home provide this for them. To ward off the insects, keep the area around your home clear and bare. Keep your lawn and shrubbery closely trimmed to that the ground is exposed as possible. Silverfish will be reluctant to cross open, unprotected ground to get to you home.

Seal Openings

If silverfish can’t get access to your home, then the problem becomes moot. Unfortunately, this is harder than it sounds. Silverfish can gain access through the smallest gaps in your walls, roof, and foundation. Search for and seal these holes with construction sealant or caulking to prevent entry.

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