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Tips for Catching Rodents with Snap Traps

Rodent Control

A well-placed snap trap will put an abrupt stop to a rodent’s romp through your home. If you know you’ve got a rat, mouse, or squirrel, snap traps are a great option to get rid of it.

The most important part of setting a snap trap is picking its location. You want to put them somewhere the rodent is likely to come by it. Under refrigerators, along the wall of a pantry, and underneath counters and tables are all good options. These areas are protected and near food—perfect for most rodents. Just be sure to put the traps somewhere where you, a pet, or family member wont accidentally step on them!

For bait, you can use almost any food object. Peanut butter is a great option because it gives off a strong odor that will attract rodents, but won’t spoil after just a few hours. Of course, you can always fall back on the snap trap classic: cheese.

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