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How To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Car

Rodent Control

It’s difficult enough to keep pesky rodents out of your home. Your task only becomes more difficult when the pests decide to start moving in to your vehicle.

Your car is an appealing target for all kinds of pests, especially rodents. This is especially true during the winter months, when food and shelter are hard to come by. A vehicle can provide both, making it a tempting target to cold and hungry mice, rats, and squirrels.

Cars that stay stationary for long periods of time are prime targets, as animals will assume that they’ve been abandoned and are open for infestation. Messy vehicles with food and debris for nest building are also more attractive. Keep your vehicles clean, and move them around periodically so rodents don’t get the wrong idea.

If you suspect rodents are targeting your car or truck you can get more proactive with your protection. You can get rodent repellent spray from the store or make some of your own. A mix of water, dish soap, and pepper/hot sauce is safe and will scare off curious rodents. Put it in a spray can and spray on or near your tires and undercarriage.

You can also use poison or snap traps. This is most effective if your vehicle is parked in a garage or carport, where rodents often like to hide.

For a more in-depth look at keeping rodents out of your car, be sure to check out our video.

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