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The Basics of Do It Yourself Pest Control

DIY-Do It Yourself

Insects invading your home create a mess, carry disease and can make your life very uncomfortable.  The droppings left behind by even tiny invaders like fleas and roaches can cause serious respiratory problems for family members with allergies.  Others, like bedbugs, actively bite your family and leave uncomfortable wounds that may become infected.  Still others, like mice and rats, can cause serious damage to the structure of your home.  There may come a point when you have to call in the professionals, but there are some do it yourself pest control steps you can take to get some relief from the invasion.

Eliminate Hiding Spaces

The first thing you should understand about any pest is that they need food, water and a hiding space.  When you are ready to handle an infestation, your efforts will be more successful when you start eliminating hiding areas.  Piles of clutter, collections of clothes and mounds of junk are the perfect hiding areas for bedbugs, mice, fleas and roaches.  Eliminate the hiding areas and you will be on your way to addressing the infestation.

Stop Sharing Food and Water

The next step on your do it yourself pest control list is to eliminate sources of food and water that you are sharing with the pests.  Put open packages of food in zip lock bags to keep out roaches.  Check all plumbing to be sure there are no water leaks providing a free water source to the invaders.   Wash dishes immediately after use.

If you are dealing with bedbugs, start by putting your mattress and box springs in special plastic bags.  Use duct tape to seal the zipper and any seams, so bedbugs in the mattress cannot get out.  Vacuum the bed frame to remove any bugs or eggs, and be sure to pay careful attention to the crevices and any seams while you vacuum.  Smear all legs to the bed with Vaseline to prevent new bugs from climbing in overnight.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Whether you are fighting roaches or tiny fleas, regular cleaning will help your do it yourself pest control efforts succeed.  Vacuum the carpets and upholstered furniture daily.  Use the hose attachment to vacuum along baseboards and vents.  Throw the vacuum bag in the outdoor trash to prevent the insects from entering your home again.  Wash bedding daily in hot water to battle fleas and bedbugs.

Use Traps, Not Poison

Poison is fine for smaller invaders like ants, roaches and bedbugs.  However, you want to stick with traps if you are dealing with mice, rats or other mammals.  The last thing you want is for an opossum, raccoon or rat to crawl off into a corner to die.  Unable to reach the carcass, the smell in your home will quickly become unbearable.

Your do it yourself pest control efforts can be successful if you take the right steps.  Even a clean house can fall prey to these invaders, but daily cleaning will help you keep the pests down while the poisons or traps do their work.  If you find that your efforts are not working, call in the professionals.  Continue with the cleaning and purging efforts in the home to ensure that measures put in place by the professionals will work in record time.
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