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The Week in Pests for December 21, 2012

Pest News

Here's what the web was bugging out about this week.

Ridding Galapagos of Rats to Preserve Its Famed Tortoises

Conservation organizations are on a mission to rid the Galapagos Island of rats. The rats are threatening to wipe out the species altogether by preying on its eggs and young. It's estimated that there are between 8 & 12 rats per hectare in infested areas. Rat poison is being dropped on uninhabited islets as an experiment for mass eradication of the rats.

Clawed Spiders 1 of 137 New Species Described by CAS

Among the 137 new species described by the California Academy of Sciences is the Trogloraptor, aka the "cave robber." The claw-bearing spiders were found by scientists in caves in southwest Oregon. The spider is about the size of a half-dollar and its claws suggest that it's a "fierce, specialized predator."

Roaches Infest Golden Nugget in Las Vegas

If you're headed to Vegas soon, be cautious about where you dine. Inspectors found a multi-generational roach infestation in the Golden Nugget's café. This isn't the first time the hotel-casino has had pest problems. In November, fruit flies were found throughout the facility. Inspectors gave both restaurants an A rating after re-inspection.

NPMA to Host National Bed Bug Forum

The National Pest Management Association, in collaboration with a couple of Illinois associations, will be hosting a national bed bug forum in April. The forum aims to educate pest management professionals on current bed bug control and what to expect in the future.

Fruit Fly Nose Says Steer Clear of Deadly Food

Need to get rid of fruit flies? Beets may be the answer. According the scientists, beets have a naturally occurring chemical called Geosmin that give off a distinct smell. The bacteria that produce Geosmin are deadly to fruit flies. Scientists are excited because it's the first time a special dedicated pathway for food odor has been discovered. If these pathways are found in other insects, they could be used to develop newer, safer repellents.

Need a quick way to get rid of fruit flies? Check out our YouTube page for easy tips!

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