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Top 5 Places Bed Bugs Hide

Bed Bugs

Bud bugs are on the rise again in much of America, especially in urban centers. In addition to being annoying, disease-ridden bloodsuckers, they’re also notoriously difficult to get rid of. Their natural resiliency to chemical and physical extermination methods makes them as tough to kill as cockroaches. What’s more, their tiny size makes them invisible to all but the most meticulous searches.

These sneaky, minute insects can hide in some of the most unexpected and overlooked places. This allows them to resurge even after the most thorough extermination attempts. To avoid a new bed bug infestation, be sure to check these places.
  1. Your Walls. Bed bugs often hide and breed unnoticed against the walls. They especially like hiding behind paintings, pictures, and other wall fixtures that stay dark and protected. People rarely think to check behind these when cleaning. Bed bugs will also make their homes beneath peeling wallpaper or flaking paint.
  2. Carpeting and rugs. Bud bugs can easily burrow down into the fibers of a rug or carpet. The little vampires will also crawl up under a rug lain on the floor or a carpet that’s not securely sealed against the walls. A quick vacuuming often won’t pick them all up; sometimes it takes an industrial steamer or shampooer to get the job done.
  3. Electronics. The bugs are not deterred by electronic devices, and are small enough to crawl into small holes. Computers, radios, telephones, game systems and more are all susceptible to infestation. They can even crawl in and out of wall sockets.
  4. Box springs. Almost everyone knows to check their mattress, pillows, and bedding for bed bugs. But a bed’s box springis often overlooked. This is a big mistake; bed bugs will happily migrate from your mattress to your box spring. Be sure to inspect and clean it carefully if you find bed bugs anywhere else on your bed.
  5. Your Car. Yes, bed bugs can even be unwelcome hitchhikers in your vehicle. Floor mats, seat cushions, trunks, and the areas under seats are all ideal bed bug homes. If the clothes of a driver or passenger are infested, the bugs can easily shift over to your car. If your car isn’t kept clean, and has drink spills and dropped French fries in its various nooks and crannies, it’s even more attractive to bed bugs.
Bed bugs are no joke. If you encounter them in your house, the odds of a serious invasion are very high. Attack potential infestations head-on with vigilant house cleaning and regular inspections. If you do come across any, clean up the entire infected area and consider bringing a pest control professional for assistance.
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