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Where Do Fleas Live?

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Fleas are tiny, nearly invisible insects. In order to find and get rid of them, you need to learn where they live and hide.

Fleas are one of the most dreaded of all pests. These insects are miniscule, but that doesn’t make them less annoying. Just one can be irritating, while several can make you or your pet miserable.

Fleas feed on the blood of animals, usually mammals. People and pets like cats and dogs are prime targets for the bloodsuckers. When living on a host animal, they prefer sites that provide plenty of cover to make their homes. Check these areas of the body for unwelcome fleas:Flea


Fleas love to burrow into a thick layer of hair to get at the skin beneath. This area is warm and sheltered, allowing the insects to do their dirty work in comfort. On humans, this usually means the scalp, though the bugs will also dig into hairy areas elsewhere. Pets, unfortunately, are usually hairy everywhere, meaning that fleas will latch on just about anywhere on your pets body. Still, there are some areas that fleas prefer.

Tops of Heads

Fleas sometimes find that the top of an animal’s head is among the safest to get their snack. People and animals alike have a hard time seeing and scratching at the pests in this area.

Behind and Inside Ears

Ears provide shelter and warmth, and are usually unguarded by fur. This means they’re perfect feeding grounds for fleas. Always check the ears of your pets and yourself if you notice fleas around.

The Tail

This is obviously isn’t much of a problem for people, but the tail is often a flea target on animals. Also check the area around the base of the tail.

The Base of Limbs

Fleas like to hide in the dark, protected, and often hairy pits at the base of an animal’s arms and legs. This is true for both animals and humans.

Fleas are terribly annoying, but not especially dangerous. Still, they can quickly get out of control and infest your home if not controlled, making life miserable for all its inhabitants. Ask your veterinarian about flea control for your pet, and consider calling an exterminator if they’re infesting your home.
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