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Why are Spiders in my House?


Spiders give everyone the creepy crawlies. Typically, the arachnids are content to stay outside, out of the site of humans. Occasionally, though, they’ll find their way into your home and other inhabited areas. Sometimes a stray spider will sneak into your house by accident. However, if you’re regularly noticing spiders, it’s probably not a coincidence. Just like any other animal, there are two primary reasons and animal will come into your house: food and shelter.


Spiders follow their prey sources. In most cases, this means small insects like moths, crickets, and beetles. Unlike many other bugs; they won’t be picking at your leftovers or crawling into your sugar jar; they want bugs.

If spiders are in your house, it’s likely because they can find more of these bugs in your home than anywhere else they’ve looked. This is bad news because it means you not only have to get rid of the spiders; you probably have an insect infestation that needs dealing with, too.

To deal with spiders that are attracted to your house because of the easy meals, you need to attack their food supply. Start by cleaning your kitchen, which attracts the most bugs. Quickly seal up leftovers, clean up food spills, and keep everything tidy. Carefully spray insecticide wherever you see the smaller bugs.


Spiders don’t mind the heat much, but they do dislike very cold or rainy weather. During inclement weather spiders will seek shelter, and a warm dry house is suddenly very appealing. Expect spiders to come crawling in as the days grow shorter and cooler, or during periods of extended rainfall.

To prevent this, you need to make sure your home is sealed up tight. Spiders only need the tiniest of holes and cracks to make an entrance. Start with any gaps around windows and doors. Then look for openings on the outside, from foundation to roof. Fill in cracks and holes with caulk or similar construction filling to deny the spiders access.

If you notice a surge in spiders even if you’ve sealed your house up tight, it’s possible a brood of spiders recently hatched from a spider that previously managed to sneak in. In this case; don’t be alarmed. They probably aren’t dangerous, and can be dispatched quickly with a shoe or spider-specific pesticide.

If you’re not confident in your spider control abilities, why not call an exterminator? A professional pest controller will be able to quickly assess the situation and prescribe a solution.
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