Pest Extermination and Ethical Control Of Vermin

Whether or not to call a professional to protect a valuable asset from termite damage is an easy decision to make. When mice, fleas, ants, cockroaches, or spiders invade a home, exterminating the pests is again at the top of the list of responses. For many homeowners, however, the situation becomes less clear when the issue is an armadillo or skunk that is living under the house. Who can deal with the wasps that are building a nest outside on the eaves? Who can do something about the squirrels that have moved into the attic or the raccoon that can apparently remove any garbage can lid like a master contractor?

The answer is simple. It is still the professional contractor.

The reason for calling a professional to perform the exterminating is simple: good professionals come back – at no extra charge – if the first treatment doesn’t resolve the issue. This is really the same reason that able-bodied homeowners call a roofing contractor or professional housepainter. Yes, the contractors free up time by doing the work, but they also accept responsibility for the work they do. If a new roof leaks, the roofer’s insurance should cover all damages. If a professional painter breaks a window while painting, the hired professional is responsible for the repairs.

Professional exterminators are trained in exterminating tactics and chemicals. They know which chemicals to use for specific jobs. They know how much chemical to apply and how to safely apply it. They also know where chemical applications are likely to be the most effective.

Wasps are usually not much trouble, and many people choose to get rid of them with a can of wasp insecticide that kills on contact and can be sprayed up to 20 feet. Some people have allergic reactions to wasp and bee stings, however, and DIY exterminating jobs should never be undertaken by those with severe allergies. Professional exterminators can also apply insecticide to the wasps without contaminating adjacent bird feeding stations or decorative fish ponds.

Armadillos are unusual creatures. Many people enjoy watching them because of their odd, armored appearance. They are not aggressive and usually do not mind if someone stands quite close to observe or photograph them. However, they will not eat any type of food left out for them and only eat things they have dug up for themselves. A single armadillo can cause a lot of damage to a beautiful lawn.

Skunks, squirrels, raccoons, and possums are also troublesome squatters. They can be cute to watch, but the enjoyment fades quickly when a skunk moves in underneath a house and begins marking territory with its scent. Raccoons and squirrels must surely be some of the wiliest creatures on Earth, and the problems they can cause with attic wiring, wall insulation and scattered trash are almost endless.

Many people hesitate to call a professional because they are not sure the professionals handle creatures such as these. They also may not want to have the animal killed. Exterminating may seem too harsh a response with these animals. Homeowners often just want to block entry into the attic or deny access to the garbage every Wednesday night.

There is a reason that exterminators are also called pest control specialists. They do not always exterminate the pests. Nuisance bugs are exterminated, certainly, but larger pests can be captured and taken to unpopulated areas and released. Sometimes, the answer is to leave the squirrels alone while modifying the structure to prevent future entry. Professionals can do this.

Professionals who specialize in pest control are often able to tell customer over the phone what action they will take. Additional information on this site can give homeowners an idea of the available options.

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