Getting Rid of Ants, the Eco-Friendly Way

Getting rid ants, or any pest for that matter, without the use of pesticides seems unthinkable. After all, nothing kills pests more effectively than a blast of toxic poison. However, homeowners often forget that they become exposed to the chemical effects long after the ants have died. As such, eco-friendly pesticide methods have been developed to give homeowners an alternative to harmful chemicals. This works especially well for homes with children or pets.

Soap, water, alcohol. Combine the three ingredients into spray bottle and apply over the entry point ants are using to get in. The solution kills the ants on contact and wipes off without any toxic residue. It’s also cheaper than chemical pesticide sold in stores and has no effect on plants and air quality.

Bait and switch. Like fishing, you sometimes need the ants to come to you so that you can kill them. Mixing sugar or honey with water on a shallow plate and placing near entry points will lure the ants to a single location so that they can be killed in masses. This is also a way to map out the trail they use to get inside your home.

Cornmeal. Spreading cornmeal won’t kill the ants right away, but allow them time to consume it and eventually, they will swell and die. Sprinkle handfuls around ant hills or near entry points inside your home. Afterward, vacuum or sweep up the remains and dispose.

Cinnamon. Ants are repelled by strong spices like cinnamon and cloves. Place them strategically around entry points or scent the entire room to keep ants at bay.

Hot water. This one goes directly to the source. Pour boiling hot water on an ant hill and watch them die on the spot. This is also a great way to kill the queen ant, who is the sole vessel of new larvae in the community.

When all is said and done, getting rid of ants is a two-pronged process: attack and prevention. Existing ants can easily be killed, but keeping them away takes consistent effort. In some ways, prevention can be seen as the most ecologically-sound way of getting rid of ants because you never have to resort to using any type of chemical solution.

If do-it-yourself remedies haven’t worked, it may be a bigger problem that a professional pest control agent needs to solve. They are experts on how to get rid of ants and usually have organic alternatives that leave the environment unharmed. Above all, they kill ants, except they stay green!

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