Getting Rid of Fleas in Your Home

Getting Rid of Fleas in Your Home

Fleas are a serious problem throughout millions of American homes. They can come in on people, pets, clothing and furniture and they tend to multiply rapidly. These unwelcome invaders will bite both humans and animals to feed on their blood, causing pain and leaving behind small, red, itchy welts. Fleas are also capable of transmitting various bacterial illnesses to you and your pets. Although these illnesses aren't typically dangerous in healthy adults, they could present a problem in small children, the elderly and those with weakened immune systems.

Fleas are both an unpleasant house guest and a potential health hazard. Therefore, it's important that you address the problem as quickly as possible. Here are some of the ways you can get rid of fleas in your home.

How do I Get Rid of Fleas on My Pets?

Pets are the most common way for fleas to get inside your home. This is especially likely if your pet spends a lot of time outside or around other animals, such as at a dog park. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so it's good to use anti-flea treatments regularly. If your pet already has fleas, give them a bath using a flea shampoo as recommended by your vet.

How do I Get Rid of Fleas in My Furniture?

If you're bringing furniture into your home, you should be aware that it could harbor fleas. Furniture from thrift stores, garage sales, storage units and curbside trash may inadvertently start an infestation. Before it enters your home, all furniture should be thoroughly inspected and cleaned. If you've already got an infestation, thoroughly vacuum all of the furniture. For best results, use a furniture shampooer and put pillows and cushions through the wash.

How do I Get Rid of Fleas in My House?

When an infestation gets very serious, fleas can be found in every room of your home. Flea problems this big will barely be affected by do-it-yourself tactics, so it requires professional assistance. Pest control services have the experience and equipment necessary to rid your home of fleas quickly and safely. Furthermore, they can inform you on ways to keep the problem from occurring again.

How do I Get Rid of Fleas in My Car?

People often get fleas in their car the same ways they get fleas in their home. Because cars have many small places, this can be extra difficult to fix. First, never use a flea bomb in your car as it can damage the electronics. Try parking your car in a sunny place for a few days, leaving the windows up. If that doesn't work, vacuum the interior thoroughly and use a flea spray on all the upholstery.

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