Defending Against Pantry Moths

Moths are best known in their infamy for the holes they can leave in your clothing, but what you may not have known is that you should also be concerned for your food. Pantry moths, otherwise known as weevils, Indian meal moths, flour moths, or kitchen moths, like to make a home for themselves in your kitchen. Especially fond of flour and grains, an infestation of pantry moths can easily void your cupboard of some coveted kitchen essentials. How do you stop pantry moths from taking over your food supply? Here are several steps that can help prevent or halt an infestation.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Pantry moths are more likely to enter a dirty kitchen, so the simplest way to prevent pantry moths in the first place is to make sure your pantry, cupboards, countertops, and floors are cleaned and sanitized regularly. Be sure to pay special attention to removing dust and grime from dark corners, crevices, and other unloved locations where an infestation is most likely to begin.

Seal Grains Away

Since pantry moths are most drawn to grains and flours, put your highest priority into keeping these kitchen essentials secure. Keep your grains in clean, dry, airtight containers. Not only does this prevent a pantry moth from feasting on your food, but these conditions also help flour and grains stay fresh longer. That means no food for the moths and better tasting cookies for you.

Inspect Your Pantry Regularly

Even with careful precautions, cleaning, and care of your kitchen, sometimes infestations just happen. Regularly inspect your kitchen and food. If you see even a single pantry moth, pantry moth larvae, or sign of a pantry moth infestation, it's time to give your kitchen a complete overhaul. Throw away any infested goods immediately to avoid contamination from spreading, and check your kitchen again a week later in case any easy-to-miss eggs have hatched. Even if you can't see any more moths, invest in some pantry moth traps to attract any that may still be lurking in the shadows of your kitchen.

Know When to Get Help

If you have become the victim of a pantry moth infestation that you can't seem to get under control, contact a local pest control company and see if they offer services for handling pantry moths. It's better to put out the money up front to solve your infestation than lose hundreds of dollars’ worth of food down the line.
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