How to Get Rid of Flies in the Home

Whether they are indoors or in your outdoor living areas, flies can be a nuisance. That nuisance grows exponentially when you do not know their source. Often, their numbers continue to increase despite your best efforts. Read on to learn how to get rid of flies.

Types of Flies

Most people can recall inviting friends and family to the house for a cookout and being swarmed by flies. Biting, buzzing or landing on your food, flies are not welcome guests to the party. Many people, however, give up too easily on determining how to get rid of flies. Fly type has a lot to do with what the best measures are in exterminating fly colonies. The following are the three most common flies found in and around American homes:

The House Fly – Grayish in color, these feces- and trash-loving pests may lay eggs in litter boxes, garbage cans and the backyards of dog owners.

The Blow Fly – These shiny green-and-blue pests may be a sign of another pest infestation since they tend to lay their eggs in dead animals.

The Fruit Fly – These pests feed on and lay their eggs in and around sugary, fermented snacks such as juice and, as their name suggests, fruit.

Once you have identified what type of flies you are dealing with, you will have a better time locating their sources.

How to Get Rid of Flies

First, you need to dispose of anything contaminated with fly eggs and larvae. Unfortunately, locating larvae will be easier, albeit less pleasant, than finding eggs, meaning you may miss some in trash bins or cupboards. To ensure that the colony does not return, you will need to exterminate any adult flies at the same time.

Calling a pest control or extermination expert is one surefire way to kill flies both quickly and thoroughly. However, the following are methods to consider in learning how to get rid of flies:

  • Bug Zappers – Ultraviolet light traps are best for blow flies, which tend to accumulate in outdoor spaces where their source may be difficult to track down.
  • Fly Paper – Not great aesthetically, this method takes some time as well.
  • Oil or Honey – Like fly paper, this method counts on flies getting stuck while feeding; oil is excellent for house flies while honey is better for fruit flies.
  • Pesticides – This method is drastic for treating fly infestations and can be harmful for children and pets.

Even after the source has been identified, it often takes more than one method as well as a period of several days or even weeks to fully address a fly infestation. You can check elsewhere on our site for more on these pests.

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