How To Get Rid Of Spiders In The House

It’s easy to see how and why spiders make their way into homes. When homeowners don’t do enough to keep other pests out or leave piles of clutter undisturbed, spiders can become unwitting house guests. Though most people are afraid of the appearance of spiders, others are just as fearful of potentially venomous ones.

To tackle spiders already in the house and to prevent infestations, check out the following tips:

1. Use a Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are the unsung solution to getting rid of house pests, including spiders. Instead of squishing spiders to death each time you see them, you can get rid of them in large numbers by frequently vacuuming your floors, carpets, and curtains. Not only does this get rid of the adult spiders, but their larvae as well. Best of all, it avoids the mess of dealing with pesticides and chemicals.

2. Clean, Clean, and Clean Some More

The easiest way to prevent spiders from flourishing is to keep your home clean. Spiders look for small, cramped, dark spaces to build a web and lay their eggs. Clean out storage closets, attics, basements, and garages to get rid of dust and mold. If you find spider webs, eggs, and live spiders, use a vacuum to clean them up while you’re removing the dust. This will also help get rid of other closet-dwelling pests, like ticks, which may be the reason why spiders are there in the first place.

3. Prevent and Control Other Pests

Spiders have often been touted as beneficial household pests, but this is only because there are other pests in the house for them to feed on. By getting rid of ants, moths, and other pests from your home, you’ll likely experience a much lower population of spiders.

Treat the inside and outside of your home with insecticides or set up glue traps to keep them from falling into spiders’ webs and attracting more from coming. Remember that other pests in your home may be a sign of a spider a problem and vice versa, so if you notice either one, take the steps to prevent and control them.

4. Call a Professional

In some situations, it may be better to call a pest exterminator for assistance. While spiders are mostly solitary pests and rarely live in large numbers, the presence of spiders and other pests may reach overwhelming proportions if the problem isn’t addressed early on.

Professional exterminators can help you set up barriers to avoid attracting other pests and consequently, more spiders. They can also help you inspect your home for maintenance issues that allow pests entry inside

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