How To Prevent Bed Bugs

When it comes to bed bugs and keeping them away from your home, it can be a frustrating endeavor. Their microscopic size and ability to live just about anywhere under any climate condition makes them a hardy brand of pest that has proven difficult in getting rid of, but at the same time, not entirely impossible.

Some of the most common ways to prevent bed bugs are:

•Washing the bed sheets frequently – As their name suggests, bed bugs most prefer to live in between the sheets and mattresses where they can easily attack people to feed on human blood and get away unscathed.

•Sealing mattresses in casings – Bed bugs have no means to penetrate through any kind of material, particularly those that are synthetically produced. Wrapping a plastic casing around the mattress effectively seals them from entering deeper and prevents the creation of a breeding habitat.

•Vacuuming carpets, rugs, and corners – Bed bugs can live in the corners of rooms where it is dark and damp, so running a vacuum over these places can significantly reduce the likelihood of bed bugs building a habitat.

Other ways you can prevent bed bugs from sharing your home is:

•Knowing how to identify them – because they are so small and nocturnal, it can be hard to catch them, especially if you’re not even sure of what they look like. Identifying them from the get-go can help stave off an infestation early on.

•Watch what you bring inside – Bed bugs can hitch a ride anywhere on your belongings, including suitcases, coats, and bags brought back from traveling or even while moving. Be sure everything is cleaned and sanitized if you are worried about a bed bug infestation. Avoid putting suitcases on top of the bed.

•Clean the furniture – Bed bugs and their ability to live just about anywhere are also frequently found in between couches and kitchen table chairs. Sealing them under casings and cleaning them often helps to keep them away. Avoid using antique or used furniture until it has been inspected for bed bugs and eggs.

With these methods and general practice of keeping a clean home, it can be easy keeping bed bugs away from your home. If you’re unsure of whether your home can stand the test against a bed bug infestation, call in a professional exterminator today!

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