Protect Yourself from the Lyme Disease Tick

A frightening illness, Lyme disease tick is spread through tick bites.  Anyone who spends time outdoors is at risk, and that includes your children.  Whether you are avid campers or just like going on bike rides, it’s important to know how to recognize the signs of this disease, and how to protect yourself and your pets from these parasites.

Protect Your Property from Ticks

Fleas live in your grass, but ticks don’t like being that exposed.  Ticks live in wooded areas, shady spots or those areas where they can find high humidity levels and shady.  Protect your pets and family by putting a thick layer of wood chips between your yard and the edge of the woods.  They will be drawn to the chips, but they won’t wander into your yard.  Teach the children to avoid the chip barrier, and train pets to stay away from it.  You can also put chemicals in the yard to kill ticks and keep your family safe.

Other steps you can take to keep ticks out of your yard include keeping it clean, eliminating any leaf piles and cutting the grass frequently.  All of these steps will make your property less attractive to ticks, and that helps protect your family from Lyme disease tick.

Tick Prevention for Pets

It’s also important to protect your dog from a Lyme disease tick.   Visit the vet for topical treatments or oral medications that will make your pet less attractive to ticks.  If they don’t latch on to your dog, then they won’t be able to hitch a ride into your home and threaten your family.

After going for walks in the woods, check your pet for ticks. A quick brushing will usually reveal these parasites, and you can remove them with tweezers or by scraping them off with a credit card.  Douse them in rubbing alcohol and flush them down the commode to ensure that they are out of the house.

Protect Yourself when in the Woods

Ticks have been particularly bad this year due to the mild winter.  If you enjoy going out for a walk in the woods, protect yourself before heading out.  Wear sturdy shoes with thick, long socks.  Tuck the ends of your pants into the socks to prevent ticks from reaching your legs and moving up your skin.  Wear light colors to easily spot the ticks and remove them in record time.

Ticks also love woodpiles, fallen logs and leaf piles.  Avoid sitting directly on the ground or on any of these surfaces when you take a minute to rest.  Ticks do not fly or jump, but they will quickly crawl onto you if given an opportunity.  When you return from your walk, check yourself, the kids and your pets for any signs of ticks.

Know the Warning Signs

A Lyme disease tick is a serious concern.  Symptoms include fever, headache and fatigue.  The signature bulls-eye rash is not always present, so do not disregard Lyme disease simply because you cannot find the telltale rash.  If you are suffering from these symptoms and they aren’t fading, visit your doctor to be checked out.

The fear of a Lyme disease tick should not prevent you from enjoying the great outdoors.  With a little diligence and some protective steps, you can protect yourself and your family from the danger of ticks.  It takes time for ticks to transmit their diseases to human hosts, so it’s important to look for them after spending time outside.  The faster you find and remove any ticks, the less likely you are to contract Lyme disease.
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