When Moth Larvae Invade Your Kitchen

There's not much that can get a person's stomach turning like the sight of moth larvae squirming around in their cereal. While there are other ways that moth larvae can appear in your home, they can sometimes be found in dry foods like cereal, flour, pasta, dried herbs and even bird seed.

These Indian meal moths are also known by a fitting nickname: pantry moths. These moths can hitchhike into your pantry in a bag of dry food; but you won't know they're there until the eggs have hatched and moth larvae emerge, sometimes growing over half an inch long. Having these pests crawling around in your food supply is quite alarming but it's nothing to be embarrassed about. It does not mean you have a dirty or unsanitary home.

While you can't exactly predict when and if pantry moths will enter your home, there are a lot of easy ways to prevent that from happening. When purchasing grains and other dry foods, be careful not to over-buy. Many people assume that it's better to stock up on items that can be stored in the pantry for long periods of time. But, by having excessive quantities you're inviting moths to join the family.

If you do have an excessive amount of dry goods in the pantry, transfer some of them over to the freezer for safe keeping until they need to be used. To prevent moth larvae from spreading from one dry good to another, keep everything in clear, air-tight containers. You'll want them to be air-tight to prevent moth larvae from infesting other dry goods and clear so that if there is an infestation in one container you'll be able to spot it and toss the entire container before it spreads.

Once a kitchen has been invaded by pantry moths, you may notice adult moths flying around. They are typically about half an inch inch long with brown wings and like to stay close to lights. Adult moths may indicate a serious infestation of eggs and, subsequently, moth larvae in your pantry.

Moths are harmless creatures but they can and will destroy your food supply if left untreated. If preventative methods failed, there are pest control services that can totally eliminate the infestation in your home and keep eggs from growing into adult moths.

It's dangerous and ineffective to spray for moth larvae on your own. Allow professionals to identify moth larvae's every secret hiding place and safely and effectively wipe them out. After your kitchen is treated by a professional, make sure to do a full clean-out of your food supply and cabinets.

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