Practicing Cockroach Control


Faced with an unending cockroach infestation? Your home may be attracting these pests unknowingly or perhaps the products being used for cockroach control are just, simply, ineffective. Frustrations are understandable, because with their fast breeding rates and ability to endure conventional pesticides, cockroach eradication can become overwhelming.

Though daunting it’s not impossible to rid your home of this annoyance. Start making a big difference by incorporating these preventive steps in your home maintenance routine.

  • Keep Food Covered and Stored: There is no bigger draw for a cockroach than a heap of untended food scraps. But open food containers themselves aren't necessarily going to attract cockroaches to your home; they will simply provide an incentive to stay. If you keep your food covered in plastic containers, then you can significantly cut down the risks of cockroaches taking over.
  • Buy Roach Traps: Cockroach traps are a cheap and effective way of keeping cockroach numbers at bay. There are many different types of cockroach control traps that can be found at home improvement stores. Set up traps where you suspect cockroaches are entering from, but make sure to establish precautions so that pets and children are not harmed.
  • Store-Bought Pesticides: There are several kinds of pesticides for cockroach control. Look for sprays and powders specifically aimed at cockroaches, as these are reformulated every few years to adapt to the immunity cockroaches build for pesticides. When possible, pesticides should be considered a last resort.

When to Get Professional Help

Seek help when:

You’ve added a lot of elbow grease and ramped up your maintenance efforts; yet cockroaches still appear. By the sheer number of cockroaches crawling around you know the infestation has reached a critical state that’s beyond your control.

Rest assured that you’ll have your best guarantee against cockroaches and other pests by hiring a professional pest expert. Pest professionals have undoubtedly encountered the worst of cockroach infestations and are fully equipped to provide a solution for you. You can trust them to provide the relief you need today.

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