How to Get Rid of Spiders


It’s okay, and even normal, to be scared of spiders, even though they are mostly harmless and play a big role in minimizing the number of pests in the house. It is of course their threatening appearance and potential of being venomous, that makes them the unwelcome guest in our homes.

The poisonous black widow, for example, can cause a severe reaction from its bite. The yellow sac spider and brown recluse are relatively docile species that even help homes reduce the number of other pests, such as mosquitoes, mites, and moths.

If these crawlies still give you the chills here’s how to get rid of spiders in your home

Steps to Getting Rid of Spiders

Spiders have the habit of hiding or moving to different areas of the home if they sense a threat, but you can still take the following steps to help solutions last a little longer:

  • Remove Webs Regularly. Removing webs with a stick or a broom prevents spiders from having a place to stash their larvae. Spiders will commonly make their webs near windows or other light sources to take advantage of the insects that fly in and out.
  • Use Sticky Traps. Place these non-toxic plates with a sticky resin around high-traffic spider areas, like wall corners or dark closet spaces. They require little know-how and are more cost-effective (and less hazardous) than pesticide sprays.
  • Remove Water Sources. Without any access to water or moisture, spiders have a difficult time surviving. Remove standing water and use a dehumidifier to pull moisture out of the air to decrease the likelihood of spiders building their webs.

Benefits to Hiring a Professional Service

Although spiders are sometimes beneficial to getting rid of other pests, they can still create problems for homeowners wanting clean, cobweb-free homes. While home remedies are often enough to get rid of spiders immediately present, larger infestations may require the help of a professional.

Learning how to get rid of spiders or any other pest takes effort and time. By hiring a professional pest company, you can combine industry-strength pest methods with everyday efforts to keep spiders from taking over your home. Get started now!

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