Practicing Mice Control


Mice possess a high level of intelligence that enables them to navigate successfully through your home, while skillfully avoiding areas where traps or a human presence are suspected. Also, they are not picky with what they eat, meaning they can chew through anything and everything to reach a viable food source. In addition, mice are prolific breeders; within a matter of weeks, a mature female mouse can produce up to 5-7 litters.

Practicing mice control requires taking proactive steps to eliminate both current mouse problems and reducing future opportunities for an infestation. Don’t leave your home vulnerable to destruction and even disease.

Steps to Getting Rid of Mice

It’s possible to implement mice control with independent methods. Here are some basic steps you can take to stem the tide of a mouse infestation in your home or business:

  • Set Up Traps. There are two main types of traps used in mice control: lethal and non-lethal. Lethal traps are spring loaded through a simple trigger mechanism. Once a mouse crosses its path, the metal snap is released to instantly kill it. These traps can be used more than once after the carcass has been removed and disposed.

    Non-lethal traps kill mice in a slightly more humane fashion. Although they are also equipped with the same trigger mechanism as lethal traps, they lure mice to an enclosure where a trigger releases a door behind them that traps, but doesn’t kill, allowing you to release it far from your property.
  • Plug Holes, Seal Cracks. You may think the cracks and holes around your home are too small for mice to get in through, but it only takes a hole the size of a quarter for them to start chewing their way into your home. Tightly cover any holes in the floors, ceilings, and walls with caulk or mesh wire. Then go around the exterior of your home to patch up outside openings mice are using to get into the walls in the first place.
  • Poisons. Toxic poisons should be considered a last resort for mice control. Although they are effective, they pose a risk in the indoor air quality of the home and to pets that may accidentally consume powder forms of mice poison. You should also keep in mind that mice poisons are not all instantaneous; even after ingestion, it may take time to work through the mice before it kills them, leaving you with a delay and mice the opportunity to continue destroying your home.

Don’t Wait – Get Professional Help Now!

Mice are not the easiest pests to get rid of. If you’re faced with an infestation of any size, call a professional pest exterminator who has the expertise to get rid of mice swiftly and efficiently. Save yourself the dirty work of mice droppings and poison handling by leaving it to an experienced mice control expert!

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