Preventing Tick Lyme Disease

What are Ticks?

This external parasite consumes the blood of animals and humans. Related to spiders, this arachnid uses tiny sharp mouthparts to drill a hole in their host’s skin. This dangerous pest then inserts a small tube which enables it to suck blood meals. During this feeding process the parasite can transmit diseases. The diseases can be in the form of protozoa, viruses and bacteria. This parasite can transmit more than one type of disease at a time. Tick Lyme disease is one of the most commonly transmitted conditions from this pest.

Diseases from Ticks

The diseases contracted from this parasite can make people very ill. Tick Lyme disease is caused by three different types of bacteria. It is the most diagnosed condition transmitted by this parasite. The first symptom is a rash in a circular pattern. People develop fatigue and fevers. Headaches and depression are also common symptoms. Early treatment is necessary to prevent further symptoms. However, many patients are unaware that they have this condition. They do not seek treatment until there is damage to the central nervous system, heart and joints.

Dangers of Tick Lyme Disease

This disease can cause a person to become completely debilitated. The condition is difficult to diagnose. The disease can cause permanent damage to the body. Sometimes it takes many years for physicians to determine the patient has this disease. During this time the patient may be unable to work or attend school. The cost of diagnosing this condition often is very expensive. In the later stages the treatments can be unsuccessful. A tick should be carefully removed immediately from the body. Speedy removal can prevent transmission of this condition. However, many people do not know they have received a bite from this pest.

Pets as Carriers

Dogs are a frequent source of this infectious parasitical condition. They often have ticks on their skin. The ticks are then brought to a human host. Dogs can be vaccinated to prevent them from becoming ill from this pest condition. However, there is no vaccination for people. People should inspect their pets for this pest. The pest can be removed from a dog or cat’s body in the same way a tick on a human is dealt with. Special shampoos, collars and repellents can also reduce the danger of contracting tick Lyme disease. A professional exterminator can prevent pets from being hosts to parasites.

Finding an Extermination Expert

Medical experts believe preventing tick Lyme disease is imperative. Reducing this parasite is one of the best preventative measures. Professional pest controllers and exterminators can assist in eradicating this pest. They can help control the population of deer and rodents. Reducing other mammal populations can prevent contracting parasitical infections. Contacting an expert about this pest can help stop tick Lyme disease.

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