Squirrel Traps Are Great for Removing Unwanted Wildlife

As cute, lovable, acrobatic residents of the suburban yard, squirrels can offer hours of entertainment. However, when they decide to move into a home, they suddenly aren't so cute anymore. Although squirrels are rodents, they generally aren't known to spread diseases as other rodents do. Instead, they use their sharp teeth to gnaw on property. Unfortunately, millions of homeowners are all too familiar with the damage squirrels have done in their attics. Squirrels love to file down their teeth on a home's wood and even metal and wires. Before they do serious damage, they must be removed with the help of a pest control tool such as squirrel traps.

How squirrels access the attic

Squirrels usually find their way into a home through vents that aren't properly covered, loose boards or holes gnawed by other wildlife. Squirrels mostly prefer attics because they can reach them easily from trees or poles. Once a squirrel is inside a home, he promptly goes to work gnawing on whatever he can find. Unfortunately, that might include electrical lines that run through the attic space, which can cause outages or fires. For this reason, squirrel traps are an important tool in the squirrel-fighting arsenal.

Local laws regulate trapping

Before buying squirrel traps, a homeowner must familiarize himself with his local and state laws concerning wildlife trapping. For instance, many localities prohibit the relocation of any trapped live squirrels. They must instead be killed on the property. Other localities require that a homeowner get a permit to trap the invading rodents. It's important to understand what can and cannot be done to avoid a hefty fine. In many cases, homeowners conclude that their best recourse is in contacting a professional exterminator who specialized in trapping wildlife.

Where to find traps

A homeowner who has permission to use squirrel traps can purchase a trap from one of several different suppliers. Prices for medium and large traps are reasonable, especially if they are needed to help relocate several squirrels. Another option would be to rent a trap for a certain number of days, particularly if the removal job can be accomplished quickly.

Most experts recommend baiting squirrel traps with peanut butter. A homeowner should try to determine where the squirrel enters the attic and place the trap close to his entrance or exit post. Putting a teaspoon of peanut butter on the trap's trip lever should entice him into the trap.

Professional wildlife exterminators are a good resource

A homeowner who doesn't have the time or the heart to place squirrel traps in his attic himself can contact a local extermination company to do the job for him. Experienced wildlife professionals offer the experience homeowners lack to quickly and humanely remove unwanted squirrels from the premises.

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