What Exterminators can do for Pest Control & Pets

Exterminators do more than just rid the house of unwelcome pests. They also help protect the health of pets from pests such as fleas, ticks and mosquitoes that find their way into the home. Modern pest control techniques are also pet-friendly, affecting only the unwanted visitors without harming animal companions.

Pet Comfort and Pest Control

Fleas and ticks are a nuisance for people, but to pets, they represent a potential danger. These insects may carry disease-causing microbes that don't affect humans, but can infect a pet. Even when these insect pests are free of disease, they can cause skin irritation and anxiety in pets with their itchy bites. Indoor animals can also pick up these parasites as people track them into the house. Fleas that live outside the home hitch a ride in a cuff or shoe, then hop off and find a host to supply them with food. Once in the home and supplied with food, they can breed.

Treating pets for fleas and ticks helps, but it's a partial solution to the pest problem. Professional pest treatments form a barrier around the home that destroys insects even before they find their way to a host. Treatment also ensures that the fleas' life cycle is interrupted; not only are adult fleas destroyed, but any eggs that they may have produced are also neutralized.

Pest Control and Pet Safety

The concentrations of products that exterminators use for regular pest control visits is enough to kill small insects without affecting larger creatures such as dogs, cats and people. Pets must only be kept from treated surfaces until they dry, usually less than an hour; after that, it's safe for pets to roam freely throughout the home. Exterminators also take care to spray in areas that insects prefer, but that are out of the way for larger residents of the household. Spraying in cabinets and along baseboards keeps pest control products away from areas that most pets and people frequent.

For fish, birds and other small creatures, isolating their tanks or cages with a towel or blanket is sufficient to keep them safe from typical pest control procedures. Spray nozzles are designed to put product only where it's needed, not in the air.

Special treatments for severe flea and tick infestations or for bed bugs may require some preparation for pets, but an exterminator can go over the necessary steps to keep pets safe. Usually, keeping pets in a room that isn't scheduled for treatment is enough to ensure their safety throughout the process. Talk to the exterminator before service for any specific questions about keeping pets safe during and after treatment. Exterminators are experienced with households that have pets, and they can offer specific advice about treatments that may require special care.

Regular pest control is important to keeping pets healthy and happy, too.

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