Protecting Your Family from Wood Ticks

A wood tick is actually an arachnid that live directly on warm-blooded hosts. Crawling through their surroundings, they are usually found in wooded or grassy areas. Also known as Rocky Mountain wood ticks, they carry diseases that are dangerous to humans and your pets alike.

Movement and Transportation

The wood tick cannot fly, but it is extremely talented at hiding in areas that are frequented by host animals. Sitting in tall grass and in wood piles, they wait for an animal or person to walk by. Latching onto the passing host, they start feeding on the host's blood. Once they are settled in to an area that is warm and moist, they typically don't move, but they will burrow in and start feeding.


Dangerous to people and animals, the wood tick carries tularemia and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Tularemia symptoms are similar to pneumonia and include swollen lymph nodes, diarrhea and abdominal pain. Symptoms of spotted fever include muscle aches, pain, rashes and a fever. The diseases are bacterial and are transmitted through tick bites.

Removal of Ticks

It is important to inspect the body for ticks after any outings into the woods or grassy areas. Tick bites don't hurt, and they usually don't itch, so you may not realize you have been bitten. The best way to ensure you are free from ticks is to look for them. If a tick is found, you can remove it with the aid of tweezers or forceps. The tick can also be scraped away with the sharp edge of a credit card. Take care not to squeeze the body as this can cause the head to detach.

Prevention of Wood Ticks

If your property backs up to wooded areas, then you will have to check for ticks and take steps to avoid them. Keep grassy areas at the edge of your yard trimmed short to avoid having the ticks hitch a ride on your or your pets. The best way to keep ticks away from your property is to have a professional pest control company provide yard treatments. With their help, you can ensure that your property is safe from the danger and disease of ticks.

If you are concerned about the dangerous wood tick and want more advice on keeping them away from your family, you can find more information here. Professionals can help you avoid the dangers of ticks, and you can also keep your family safer just by keeping the grass trimmed and inspecting people after every outing for ticks.

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