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Ants enter your home in search of food or shelter. Where there’s one, there’s hundreds. The ants you can see are workers sent out to find food for the queen, but there’s a whole colony behind the scenes waiting their turn to enter your home. No matter how many you take out, the queen will simply replace with the next generation ready to hatch at any moment. Taking out the queen is the answer to your persistent ant problem, and the professionals know how to find her and eliminate her, taking the whole colony down in the process.


Roaches are notoriously difficult to get rid of as they need very little to survive. They come into your home for shelter and stay for the tiny bits of food and moisture that even the cleanest homes have lying around. It’s a myth that only dirty homes attract roaches. A cockroach can slip in through the tiniest crack and live comfortably on nothing but a few crumbs and the water in your tub drain. Roaches like to stay close to home, so if you’re seeing them mostly in the kitchen, chances are the nest is somewhere nearby. The pros can track the nest down and eradicate it, kicking those nasty roaches to the curb.


Most spiders are harmless and use your home as a safe hunting ground to catch other insects for food. Regardless of their pest-control abilities, no one wants a home infested with spiders or covered in their sticky webs that collect dust and make a home look untidy. It’s simple enough to catch and release a single spider outside every now and then, but for a widespread spider problem, leave it to the professionals who have experience with removing even the most dangerous spiders such as the Black Widow and Brown Recluse.


Silverfish feed on everything in your home. They love paper and clothing, cardboard and glue — if it’s made up of carbohydrates or sugars, they want it. These sneaky pests can slip in through tiny cracks and take up in the dark corners of your home, hiding in boxes of old clothes or stacks of paper. They wreak havoc on allergy sufferers, destroy precious belongings, and spoil available food. Let the professionals take care of your silverfish problem and rid you of these rude houseguests for good.


If you’re hearing things go bump in the night, it might just be rodents in your walls or attic. Squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, and more just want to stay warm and dry, and your attic is the perfect place to do that. Rodents will find a way in through loose masonry, damaged roofing, or even by chewing right through your home’s exterior. Once they get in they’ll never want to leave, that’s why you should call on the experts to trap them and seal up your home from any more unwanted visitors.


Rats often enter the home through the basement or crawlspace and are usually looking for food. They are larger than mice but more timid, making them harder to catch as they are uninterested in investigating traps. Rats and mice both spread disease, but rats cause more damage to homes since they love chewing on wood and wires. It is best to let a pest removal service treat your home for rats to avoid coming into direct contact with these disease-bearing pests.


Mice are much smaller than rats and for this reason, they can get into places that rats can’t. While rats will stay low to the ground, mice love to climb and can work their way up to your attic or find food tucked away on even the highest shelves. Mice are curious creatures and will investigate traps, making them easier to catch. But don’t try to do this yourself — like rats, mice spread disease and their removal is better handled by professionals.

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