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Need to get rid of bed bugs? Getting rid of bed bugs isn’t a simple task. Often, multiple methods will need to be used to completely eradicate them, this is why it is recommended to involve professionals as soon as possible to get the problem under control. Experts will combine suction removal, high-heat treatments, and gentle non-toxic insecticides to kill the bugs at every stage of their development. And they won’t stop with the bed — professional pest control experts will scour every part of your home for any sign of these stubborn critters and wipe them out.

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What Are Bed Bugs?

The two common species of bed bug include:

  • Cimex lectularius (the common bed bug)
  • Cimex hemipterus (a tropical variety)

They are really small with adult bed bugs reaching a maximum length of just 5 millimeters, and lay eggs no larger than a grain of rice. Adult bed bugs are reddish-brown, wingless, flat, and oval-shaped, while the nymphs are more yellow and transparent. They lay eggs in clusters and the juveniles go through several molting cycles on their way to reaching adulthood, during which they will cast off their exoskeletons leaving these and fecal wastes in whatever space they inhabit.

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What Do Bed Bugs Eat?

Bed bugs are parasitic and feed on blood. While their bites are painless, they can feed on both pets and humans. Unlike common parasitic infestations like fleas, bed bugs don’t live on their hosts and don’t need to eat often – about once every 100 days. This makes them resilient and harder to get rid of.

Where Do Bed Bugs Live?

The bad news about bed bug habitats is the fact that they choose to live in close proximity to their food sources. They’re easily transmitted, and it’s not about “dirty” spaces. A bed bug infestation can happen anywhere. Anyone can bring home bed bugs from infested hotels, old furniture in other’s homes, or even vehicle upholstery.


Are Bed Bugs Harmful to Pets or Humans?

Generally, bed bug bites are more of a nuisance than a danger to humans. That said, bed bugs are not completely harmless. Their bites can trigger reactions similar to allergies in humans — itching and redness which can most often be treated with over-the-counter solutions like antihistamines and mild steroid ointments. Bed bugs molt five times in their life cycle leaving their discarded exoskeletons behind each time. This debris, along with fecal wastes, is a breeding ground for bacteria, which is particularly harmful if it comes into contact with broken skin from bites. Scratching can also introduce bacteria to the body and promote infection. And while the amount of blood bed bugs are able to consume from a healthy adult human is of little concern, bed bugs can be much more dangerous for infant animals.

How Do I Get Rid of Bed Bugs in My Home?

For the health of your home, your pets and your family members, you should seek immediate help in getting rid of bed bugs. As we mentioned before, it will take a unilateral effort that draws upon multiple pest control techniques to free your home of bed bugs. Experts will combine suction removal, high-heat treatments, and gentle non-toxic insecticides to kill the bugs at every stage of their development.

When Should I Call Pest Control for Bed Bugs?

If you’re currently worried you may have been exposed to bed bugs, don’t wait for a full-blown infestation to occur before you take action to protect your home! You may have already started looking for answers and providers by conducting searches for “bed bug exterminators near me” or “pest control near me.” Let us help you end that search right now.

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