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What Noises Do Cockroaches Make?

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Do Roaches Make Sounds?

There are around 4,500 species of cockroaches in the world, many of which make some sort of sound. Some species of cockroach are able to produce something resembling a hissing noise while others make something like a chirping noise. None of the four major pest species in the United States, including the American, Oriental, German and Smoky-brown cockroach is known for making noise, however.

Hissing Sounds

The Madagascar hissing cockroach is perhaps the most famous of all the cockroaches that make noise. This cockroach species makes its famous hissing sound by forcing air through little holes on their back called spiracles. All cockroach species use these holes for breathing, but the Madagascar hissing cockroach has evolved to be able to control the speed and force by which it breathes through these spiracles, creating a hissing sound. This roach is able to produce several different types of hissing sounds, including ones that connote disturbance, courtship, aggression and copulatory sounds. The Madagascar hissing cockroach does not live natively in the United States but is sometimes kept in the US as a pet. 

Chirping Sounds

A few cockroach species are able to create chirping noises by rubbing their hind legs together, much like the cricket or grasshopper does. This activity is called “stridulation.” There are some cockroach species, specifically the males of these species, that generate a noise that sounds similar to clicking. This is generated when these cockroaches rub the hard shell that covers their thorax against their intercostal veins. This noise is made either to attract a mate or to frighten away any possible threat, including a rival male cockroach. 

Clicking Sounds

No roach species makes a true clicking noise. If you think you have cockroaches in your home that are making obvious clicking noises, you may be identifying beetles that resemble roaches. Since you can’t properly control any insects without truly knowing what they are, reach out to a pest control professional who will be able to properly identify the correct insect species that has invaded your home.

Other Sounds Cockroaches Can Make

A few different Australian species of cockroach use sound as a part of their courtship behavior and rituals. These species have been observed making both hissing sounds and whistles by forcing air through their spiracles, much like the Madagascar hissing cockroach does.

While cockroaches are large and adept at flying, you won’t hear them if they are flying near you or in your home. If you have an infestation that is advanced enough however, you may hear them skittering on your floors or fluttering their wings under your appliances. You might even be able to hear cockroaches mating in your walls. As cockroaches are typically quiet insects, the presence of any sounds isn’t a great sign. If you can hear roaches in your home, it’s time to contact a pest professional.

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