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What Animals Eat Termites?

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What Eats Termites?

Termites are listed as the most economically damaging pest in the United States, causing billions of dollars’ worth of damage to commercial and residential property every year. Besides good pest control companies, what are natural predators of the termite? Termites have many different predators in nature, both big and small. Interestingly, perhaps the most powerful predator of the termite is other termites themselves. 

If you’ve spotted termites on your property, you might be wondering if there is any way to naturally control the termite population near your home. Here is a list of some of the common predators that feed on termites in the United States.

What Are Termites’ Natural Predators?


Spiders will seek out termites if there are not enough other insects they can catch in their webs. Spiders can easily track down a termite and bite it, paralyzing the termite making an easy dinner to drag back to the web. 


Though ants and termites share similar anatomy and colony behaviors, they are certainly devout enemies. Ants will both attack termites as well as eat them. There are six different species of ants that actively seek out and prey on termites. 


Crickets will attack and consume any termite out scouting for building materials. So too will ladybugs, beetles, scorpions and many other lawn and garden insects that are larger than a termite. 


Many hundreds of species of birds will eat termites including chickens, sparrows, starlings, doves, the red-headed woodpecker and spotted eagle owls. These many bird species help to curb termite populations in many parts of the US. 


Frogs, geckos, lizards and snakes are all well-known predators of termites. 

Solutions to Your Termite Problem

If you think you have termites in or around your home, trying to use natural predators as a means of pest control can be difficult and ineffective. First, termites live in colonies of hundreds to thousands of members, meaning that you would need a large army of predators to combat your termite problem. Second, many of the creatures that eat termites are themselves considered pests. Trying to create a natural method of control using natural predators may just end up with you gaining two pest populations instead of none. 

Rather than hoping for predatory animals and insects to keep any termite issue under control, reach out to a trustworthy pest control specialist to schedule a termite inspection. Pest Control Experts can connect you with a team of knowledgeable professionals who will come to your home, thoroughly inspect your property and give you the best, most well-informed course of action. Let Pest Control Experts take the guesswork of treating your termite population out of your hands.

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