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Jumping Spiders: What You Need to Know

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What Is A Jumping Spider?

Spiders can send chills up the back of just about anyone who encounters them, but jumping spiders are unique in the world of spiders. They tend to be black in color, though they can sometimes be brown, tan or gray and may have pale markings. As adults, they range from about one-eighth to three-quarters of an inch in length. 

Jumping spiders live on every continent in the world except Antarctica, however, you will find them with more frequency in tropical areas. Jumping spiders have excellent vision which they use for hunting, getting around and wooing mates, perhaps the best vision of all the spider families in the world, though their night vision is poor. 

Most of the time, jumping spiders don’t jump. They move quietly and slowly, but have a great capacity for jumping when hunting and when startled. Interestingly, this family of spiders that is composed of over 6,000 different species, isn’t differentiated by its ability to jump, but rather by its distinct eye pattern. Jumping spiders have four pairs of eyes (eight total) with the two in the middle being much larger than its other pairs of eyes. 

How Do Jumping Spider Infestations Occur?

If you have found jumping spiders in your home, they have likely entered in search of insects to eat or have wandered inside accidentally. You are more likely to have an infestation in your yard or garden. The only real signs you may have an infestation in your home is seeing the spider itself as they do not build webs or nests. They may be more visible around windows and doors where their insect meals can be found. 

Are Jumping Spiders Dangerous?

For the most part, jumping spiders will jump out of your way if you happen to run across one, however they can bite if threatened, but their bites are not considered dangerous. While venomous, the bite of a jumping spider is not harmful, but may cause mild itching or swelling. 

When Should I Call Pest Control for Jumping Spiders?

The most important thing that you can do on your own to prevent jumping spiders from entering your home is to make sure that you have sealed off cracks or poorly screened windows and doors. Occasionally, jumping spiders may accidentally hitch a ride into your home in the bottom of a box or bag or any other item you have brought in from outside. If you are concerned about a jumping spider infestation in your home, reach out to a knowledgeable pest control specialist near you.


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