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Plaster Beetle

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What Is A Plaster Beetle?

Plaster beetles are small, reddish- to dark-brown or black beetles (about 1 to 2 millimeters in length). They are also known as minute brown scavenger beetles or lathridiid beetles. Plaster beetles are attracted to dampness and humidity, mildew, mold and bright lights. Though they do not cause property or structural damage, bite humans or pets or spread disease, they are considered nuisance pests as they do contaminate stored foods that are not well-sealed. Plaster beetles feed on mold and will live and breed in damp spaces near their preferred food source. 

Sign Of A Larger Problem

Large infestations of plaster beetles often go undetected until well-established. The first sign of an infestation often happens when large numbers of beetles become so entrenched in an area and they begin to leave their damp habitats to congregate near lights or on window sills.  

The appearance of several very tiny beetles in homes that have been newly renovated or were just recently built can be more than a sign that you have a problematic bug infestation that needs to be resolved. If you have a plaster beetle infestation in your home, it may be a sign that there is mold buildup that these insects are using as a breeding habitat. 

How Can I Get Rid of Plaster Beetles In My Home?

Adult plaster beetles should be removed from your home as soon as they are spotted. This is easily accomplished through the use of a vacuum or dust pail and broom. It is also essential to use dehumidifiers to rid your home of any moist or damp areas in your home where plaster beetles may be living and breeding. Check for any leaks and have them fixed to deter further infestations. Due to the very small size of plaster beetles, removal might prove difficult and overwhelming for non-professionals. The most effective means of elimination for any plaster beetle infestation is to call a pest professional to determine the best steps to remove plaster beetles from your home.

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