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What Kinds of Ants Fly?

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What Kinds of Ants Have Wings?

Most ants are wingless. During certain times of the year, however, you may come across swarms of flying ants. 

Ants live in colonies with caste-like hierarchies that include worker ants, soldier ants, reproductive females and males, and queen ants. The reproductive kinds of ant, are also known as alates, reproductives or swarmers. 

Winged Ants 

Several different types of ant household ants have winged swarmers. There are winged pavement ants, flying ants, and carpenter ants. Winged ants are often confused with another flying pest: the winged termite. While they are in flight it might be tough to tell if you are seeing winged ants or termites. The best way to tell the difference between the two is to start with the antennae. Winged ants have elbow-bent antennae while termites have a beaded antenna. 

The other key difference is in the size of the waist. If the waist is broad, you’re looking at a termite. Ants, on the other hand, have constricted waists which looks something like a small “waistline.”

Winged Ants In Your House

Flying ants in your home in the summer are a sign that male and female potential queens are leaving their colonies and looking for mates. If you spot this spring-to-summer phenomenon, you’re witnessing this ant mating ritual. 

A swarm of any kind is an indication that there are ant colonies nearby. A swarm in your home might signal that there is a likely colony already established in your home and this might just be the first sign you’re seeing of your home’s ant infestation. If you have swarming ants in your home call a pest control specialist right away.

Winged Swarmers In Your Home Can Signal Trouble

Sometimes winged ants are confused for winged termites since they possess very similar appearance and behavior. Termites are terribly destructive pests and if you are seeing winged termite alates, there’s a good chance there is a termite colony nearby. While less destructive, winged ants also signal a possible large problem on the horizon. If you can’t tell which winged swarmers you are finding in or near your home, it’s time to call an exterminator. While winged termites can do more damage, finding winged swarmers of either variety can signal a looming pest issue on the horizon.

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