A home is a huge investment and one that will last you a lifetime — if you take care of it. Termites can wreck an otherwise healthy home from the inside out, often before you even know they’re there. But, how do you know if your home has them?

Here are 7 telltale signs that your home is already playing host to thousands of uninvited houseguests:

1. Termites outside – Often the first clue that your home has termites is finding termites somewhere else nearby. Inspect woodpiles, detached garages, and trees on your property for termite damage and visible bugs. If a neighbor has recently treated their home or property for termites you should schedule your own home termite inspection right away.

2. Piles of discarded wings – In the springtime, termites emerge to mate and will shed their wings outside of their nest. You can find piles of these discarded wings near where termites have been feeding.

3. Sawdust-like droppings – Drywood termites leave behind sawdust-like droppings called “frass.” This is the partially digested wood they’ve chewed up from your home. Look for frass around baseboards, window frames, and in unfinished attics or garages.

4. Mud tubes – Subterranean termites enter your home from underground and will often build tube-shaped passageways out of mud. These tubes are often found around the home’s foundation, starting from the ground and reaching up under siding. Look for them in unfinished basements, crawlspaces, or anywhere your home comes into direct contact with soil.

5. Warped or bubbled flooring – Subterranean termites eat from the ground up, causing damage to the subfloor before reaching the wood flooring above. If your wood floors are warped, splitting, or shifting underfoot, there may be termite damage underneath.

6. Holes or grooves – All of the wood in your home should be solid and smooth. The presence of swiss-cheese like holes or long channel-like grooves is a sure sign of termites. Look for these in places where moisture could accumulate such as around windows and doors.

7. Other pests – Many insects and animals love to eat termites, so if you’re seeing an increase in other pests, it may be because your home is serving up a buffet. Pay especially close attention to ants — one of the termite’s top predators — as you may notice them carrying termites back to their own nests.

If any of these signs are found in your home, it’s time to call an expert pest control service right away before termites can cause any further damage.

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