If your dog is itching, biting, and rubbing at their skin, they might have fleas. Fleas are extremely common among pets and a regular sign is when they are scratching at their fur. The reason they’re itching is because of the protein in a flea’s saliva. Once a flea bites the skin, it will cause your dog to itch.

How to Check:

Visual: Fleas are small, brown, and a nuisance. If there are enough of them, you can see them jumping from your dog’s fur to the floor.

Flea comb: These are available online or at pet stores. Comb the bristles through your dog’s fur. The thinly spaced comb easily captures fleas, flea dirt, and dandruff.

White towel: To easily spot fleas and flea dirt, place a white towel underneath your dog. Then comb your pet. If you spot small, black flecks on the towel, this is most likely flea dirt and a clear sign your dog has fleas.

Veterinarian: If none of these options work and your dog is still itching, take them to the vet to have them checked out.

What to Look For:

Red bumps: These are most likely found on a dog’s groin, belly, and armpits.

Flea dirt: The small, black specks found within your dog’s fur is actually flea feces.

Hair Loss: In serious cases and because of your dog’s intense itching, they may start to lose their hair.

How to Get Rid of Fleas:

Soapy water: When using your flea comb keep a bowl of soapy water on hand to drown any live fleas you find.

Medication: There are topical treatments and flea pills to get rid of fleas on your dogs. However, these will probably only eradicate the fleas currently in your pets’ fur.

Vacuum: Fleas are often not just on your dog but also in your home. Usually they reside in areas where your pet spends a lot of time near their bed or food bowl. Vacuum the floor, couch, cushions, etc. Anywhere your dog spends time. Make sure to throw out the vacuum bag outside.

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